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We Store Your (Telecom) Stuff So You Don’t Have to Worry About It

So a business clears up a data center or warehouse and ends up with all this equipment and it can’t figure out –at least, not yet- whether it wants to resell it or just recycle it. Or perhaps it could be of use at another site managed by this same company in the near future? PICS Telecom takes the guesswork and the headaches of these smaller, yet important, decisions.

Storage and identification/ inventory of temporarily unwanted equipment are one of those issues many companies, in the midst of undertaking a project, may not consider right away. Although unimportant at first, can be one of those costs that can make any project become a huge headache. Costs can spike quickly as transportation and manpower are added. Who has time to think about all this?
PICS Telecom does. We inventory the assets, provide a controlled environment and logistical support services for any length of time, for as long as the customer needs it – very important for businesses dealing with up and coming projects. PICS’ online system tracks and manages the equipment, and it puts you, the customer in control.

Why leave the transport of your valuable equipment to a carrier that does not specialize in telecom parts when it can be carried by a company that handles telecom equipment every day, around the world, and has been doing so for more than 20 years? And this level of professionalism does not have to come at a huge price tag: PICS Telecom can actually be cheaper.
So, whether the equipment is later to be recycled or resold or re-deployed to the confines of earth, PICS Telecom can store it in a controlled environment where it will be managed by dedicated staff until it’s time to go.

That is PICS Telecom’s expertise: Helping customers manage their redundant equipment so they can focus on what’s really important: Their business.
Photos with this article: PICS Telecom’s storage facilities in Bristol, UK.

PICS Telecom Storage

PICS Telecom Storage

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