Up to a Lifetime Warranty from PICS: How to Avoid High OEM Support Fees

When it comes to buying second hand telecom equipment, functional, tested and warrantied equipment is a huge concern for anyone in charge of a network. But what if the support you get proves to be even better than the OEM’s?

At PICS Telecom we understand that our customers’ systems must be kept up and running 24/7. For that reason, our surplus telecom equipment comes tested and covered by up to a lifetime advanced replacement warranty. This means no more costs until the equipment is in your network.

Can this be better than OEM support? In some cases, yes. As an example, we often sell 10G capacity cards (that have no software on) to customers who put them into their supported network and save a lot of CAPEX by avoiding OEM support. Since the cost of the hardware can be a fraction of new, they could just buy three cards with our lifetime warranty for the price of two new cards. Then, we mark these cards with stickers to show they are from PICS and not direct from the manufacturer. This way, engineers would not call OEM support if it fails. There are no yearly support fees to the OEM on these cards anymore, instead they do self-sparing. The system they go into is still covered by the OEM support so any software or hardware related issues can be efficiently handled.

PICS Telecom is the exclusive distributor of Sandstone Technologies laser optics products. Sandstone Technologies offers a “No quibble” lifetime warranty, which includes remote and replacement support. OEMs sometimes make changes to their products and that can result in customers having to face expensive bills to re-code optics. Sandstone can help: its warranty will cover those changes the OEMs make, to ensure equipment stays compatible despite future network updates.

warranty-graphic-1As an interesting fact, the failure rate of used equipment is lower than that of its new counterparts. It is due to the so called ’burn-in’ period, as most equipment will fail in the first three months of use (see graphic on the right) – if they don’t, they are unlikely to go wrong until you replace them in your network with newer technology (10+ long years).

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