PICS Telecom Budget

Keeping Your Telecom Budget Under Control

Cost pressures are a fact in the volatile telecommunications industry. Expenditures can easily get out of hand due to rapid development in telecom products and subsequent asset turnover, plus other factors such as OEM’s restrictive rules and frequent business restructuring. Cost cutting measures are crucial while ensuring the quality of…

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PICS Telecom_recycling

PICS Telecom EMEA Honors “Employee of the Year”

Recycling Team Leader Matthew Kellaway has been named Employee of the Year 2015 at PICS Telecom EMEA. During an impromptu ceremony that took place Friday, February 5, at the PICS Telecom facility in Bristol, UK, Director of Operations and System Management Lynn Carberry handed him a plaque and explained that…

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PICS Telecom Survey

Survey Says: PICS Telecom is Excellent!

On October 2015, PICS Telecom administered a customer service survey online. The results of this survey show participants (our customers) are very satisfied with PICS. The image below will take you to an infographic with the results in PDF format.                    …

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PICS Telecom_e-waste

The Problem of E-Waste

Where is Agbogbloshie and why is it important to know? Agbogbloshie is a district in the city of Accra, Ghana, in Africa. It’s considered the “dirtiest place on earth” according to*. It is a place, says this organization, where “informal e-waste recycling is an important source of income”. A…

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PICS Telecom Recycling

PICS Telecom Earns T11 Exemption License

On June 19, PICS Telecom in Bristol, UK, received a visit by the UK Environment Agency; a necessary step to obtain the T11 Exemption License. According to the website of this government entity, this license enables PICS Telecom to “to repair, refurbish or dismantle various types of waste electrical and…

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PICS Telecom Cisco Capital Excess Inventory

PICS Telecom Supplies Cisco Excess Used Inventory

Exciting news for our European and U.S. customers! Did you know? PICS Telecom is one of the chosen companies by Cisco to supply Cisco Excess Used Inventory. This program is previously known as Cisco Wholesale. This is how it works: As a reliable presence in the refurb market, PICS has…

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