PICS Telecom Budget

Keeping Your Telecom Budget Under Control

Cost pressures are a fact in the volatile telecommunications industry. Expenditures can easily get out of hand due to rapid development in telecom products and subsequent asset turnover, plus other factors such as OEM’s restrictive rules and frequent business restructuring. Cost cutting measures are crucial while ensuring the quality of…

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PICS Telecom's New Office

PICS Telecom Bristol: Business Expansion Means New Office

On October 9, PICS Telecom’s facility in Bristol, UK moved its business/ management and sales personnel to a new office located in the same warehouse, but to an area that has just been conditioned for this purpose. A period of intense growth in business prompted a doubling of the European…

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PICS Telecom De-installation

PICS Telecom De-installs

PICS Telecom is currently working with one of the world’s leading mobile communications providers to conduct a number of de-installations on its sites all over the UK. It’s an ongoing project, which started in 2014 and will continue for most of this year. These sites have accumulated equipment and cabling that…

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MYTH BUSTERS: The real truth about surplus network equipment.

In this article PICS Telecom dispels misconceptions and outright lies about surplus network equipment: #1: The secondary market is NOT the same as the gray market. Truth is, the two markets are vastly different. Most reputable surplus and pre-owned network equipment sellers have more stringent practices in place to detect…

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