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Keeping Your Telecom Budget Under Control

Cost pressures are a fact in the volatile telecommunications industry. Expenditures can easily get out of hand due to rapid development in telecom products and subsequent asset turnover, plus other factors such as OEM’s restrictive rules and frequent business restructuring. Cost cutting measures are crucial while ensuring the quality of service is maintained. It’s a difficult balance, but not impossible. In this post we will share some tips to help individuals entrusted with making telecom budget decisions:

Maintain an accurate telecom inventory. Knowing what you have will help you determine what (or if) there is equipment that needs to be upgraded. Establish a process to keep track of inventory, especially current equipment which has been removed from the network.

Make sure you are only paying for services that you need. This requires taking a look at existing contracts carefully, which brings us to the next tip:

Check you existing supplier contracts, and if necessary, re-negotiate them.

Use your assets efficiently to maximise results. A thorough analysis of the network equipment is needed. Where are the assets, what services do they provide, is the equipment properly aligned with the services it supports? Assessing your assets also requires that you develop a long-term strategy that considers the business needs of your organization.

Finally, consider buying pre-owned telecom equipment when possible. Think you’ll wind up with old, inferior components? Think again: These days, surplus telecom components are refurbished and tested to perfection; this means that you can get your hands on equipment that is as good as new, or sometimes even better than new. Just make sure to buy from reputable sources.

So here you go. The world of telecommunications moves fast and yet you are tasked with the job of managing a network while keeping up with productivity demands and keeping costs under control. It may sound daunting, but it’s not impossible. The above tips should give a good start.

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