PICS Telecom's New Office

PICS Telecom Bristol: Business Expansion Means New Office

On October 9, PICS Telecom’s facility in Bristol, UK moved its business/ management and sales personnel to a new office located in the same warehouse, but to an area that has just been conditioned for this purpose. A period of intense growth in business prompted a doubling of the European…

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PICS Telecom

Just Another Business Day at PICS Telecom

A de-installation of a central office switch that PICS Telecom recently managed in Nanterre, France, has produced a significant amount of surplus telecom equipment. These photos illustrate the moment a number of cabinets arrived at their final destination at the PICS Telecom facility in Bristol, UK. Four trucks were needed…

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PICS’ Appraisals Can Save Time and Money

By now, readers of this blog know how PICS Telecom is awesome at turning the forgotten equipment of businesses into a source of fresh capital. Indeed, all that network equipment that is lying round, collecting dust, sucking up power and wasting space can be an “elephant in the room” sort…

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