PICS Telecom/ Nortel Passport 15000

Nortel Passport 15000 Gets Support by PICS Telecom

Nortel Passport 15000 Multiservice Switch (Also called Ericsson PPX). This (MSS) is originally a Nortel line of routers, historically called Passport, designed for carrier core and edge routing. They run the Passport Carrier Release operating system. This MSS has a significant installed base, with over 40,000 switches sold. Current Situation: …

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PICS Telecom Cisco Capital Excess Inventory

PICS Telecom Supplies Cisco Excess Used Inventory

Exciting news for our European and U.S. customers! Did you know? PICS Telecom is one of the chosen companies by Cisco to supply Cisco Excess Used Inventory. This program is previously known as Cisco Wholesale. This is how it works: As a reliable presence in the refurb market, PICS has…

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